20-month-old girl hit by neighbor backing out of driveway in Pontiac has died, mother says

Eliana Culbertson struck by neighbor backing SUV out of driveway

Eliana Culberson (WDIV)

PONTIAC, Mich. – A 20-month-old girl who was hit by a neighbor backing out of a driveway in Pontiac has died, her mother said.

Eliana Culbertson was wandering down the sidewalk Wednesday while her mother put air in a tire when she was struck by an SUV, police said.

She was taken to Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital in critical condition, but her mother, Danielle McDonald-Culbertson, said Friday that Eliana has died. She had severe head and brain injuries.

McDonald-Culbertson said she went outside to put air in her flat tire and decided to bring Eliana with her.

"I wish I had it to do over again for that one minute," she said.

In an instant, Eliana was walking a few feet down the sidewalk in front of the home while her mother's back was turned. A neighbor driving an SUV accidentally backed over her.

McDonald-Culbertson was holding out hope that her daughter would pull through.

"I need her. I love her. Mommy is crying for her," she said Thursday.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page for Eliana.

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