Lake Orion woman's goal of protecting foxes stalled after signs stolen

LAKE ORION, Mich. – A woman has trying to keep a skulk of foxes in her neighborhood safe with signs telling drivers to slow down, but the signs have since disappeared.

The foxes have been living near a storm drain on Waldon Street, and Patti Charette is worried about the foxes. She has been placing signs to warn drivers of the foxes and the young kits who made their home near the busy street.

"I'm going to hope this slows people down," Charette said. 

M&B Graphics supported her idea and made signs for her for free. 

One day, Charette put 10 signs out and they disappeared shortly after.

"I had someone take 10 signs," Charette said. "Literally, it was probably four or five hours later. It was the same day."

A neighbor complained on Facebook that the signs weren't inclusive and didn't contain all animals.

"I love all animals," Charette said. "But not all make their home and den next to a busy road."

A man in a black truck was seen stealing all of the signs. Only one sign has been placed since, but Charette promises more are coming.

"Whoever you are, either bring the signs back or just don't take the signs." Charette said. "That would be great."

She will be picking up more signs Monday.

Charette did get permission from the township before placing out her first batch of signs and still has permission to keep placing the signs near the fox dens.


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