Cameras capture men robbing Vietnam veteran at gunpoint at Detroit home

Kendrick Hardaway's eyes dilated when robbers approach him

DETROIT – A Vietnam veteran claims two men robbed him on the front porch of his Detroit home while he was under medication. The good news is everything was recorded on camera. 

Kendrick Hardaway has seen a lot over the years, mostly from his front porch. Hardaway sits in the same chair with his best friend beside him. That daily ritual was delayed Friday because Hardaway had a doctor’s appointment to get his eyes dilated. 

When he got home, he got out of his car.

“Out of nowhere, two guys popped up, and said, 'Give it up,'” Hardaway said. “It happened in less than two minutes,” Hardaway said.

Hardaway said he was vulnerable because he couldn’t see, but a second pair of eyes, or what he called his security camera, recorded everything, catching clear shots of faces.

The video showed two men walking up and grabbing what they could and taking off. 

“I said, 'Hey, you can have it, just don’t have to shoot me,'” Hardaway said. “They screwed up. You shouldn’t bother no one. If you need something that bad, get a job."

The family did file a report with police. Anyone with information about the men in the video is asked to call police.