Metro Detroit lemonade stand raises money for Epilepsy Foundation

More than 30 million people have epilepsy

DETROIT – The second annual Metro Detroit Firefighters Bike Ride for Charity was postponed, but not before giving back to the Epilepsy Foundation.

More 30 million people are living with epilepsy.

People helped a great cause through a lemonade stand. Highland Park Fire Chief Kevin Coney’s daughter, Skye, was diagnosed with epilepsy at 6 years old, and now the family is working to bring awareness.

“You know it was really tough at first, but we trust God, we believe in God. Our faith is very strong, and we know that God will cure her, and help us deal with it, but at first it was very, traumatic and disturbing for us to find this out,” Rhonda Coney said. 

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