Michigan State Police to crack down on move over law

Drivers required to move over for emergency vehicles

DETROIT – Michigan State Police troopers are launching a major crackdown on drivers who fail to move over for emergency vehicles.

Michigan's move-over law requires drivers to move over one lane when emergency vehicles are on the side of the road. Drivers who can't move over have to slow down.

Troopers are leading the way to step up the move over law enforcement because more and more drivers on the highway aren't doing what is required.

Drivers see a lot while they're on the highway, but this week, state police released a stern warning that when you see flashing lights and a trooper or officers pulling a driver onto the side of the road, you'd better move over or slow down. They're looking for the drivers who don't seem to care about the law.

"We're seeing more officers killed because people are not moving over," MSP Lt. Mike Shaw said.

By law, drivers have to move over or slow down, but MSP troopers said many who slow down cause problems. People are pulling out their cellphones to record when they drive by officers.

Officials said the enforcement spans the entire state, and they will have zero tolerance for something every first responder wants to do: come home uninjured after a traffic stop.

MSP will not reveal where the stepped-up enforcement zones will be located.

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