Rear-end crash leads to hit-and-run attack in Southgate parking lot

Woman says driver attacked her after rear-ending her car

SOUTHGATE, Mich. – A woman is recovering from serious injuries after she was attacked by a driver who had just rear-ended her car in Southgate.

The initial accident happened near Eureka and Trenton roads, and both parties pulled into the parking lot of a Red Lobster and an Auto Zone. That's when things spiraled out of control, police said.

The attack started Wednesday evening while the woman was running errands with her daughter.

Due to safety reasons, Local 4 is hiding the woman's identity and will refer to her as "Kelly."

“I just looked back out of my car window, and I had said, ‘Hey,’ and I chuckled, 'You just hit me,'" Kelly said. "And she flew her hand up in the air."

Kelly said she thought it was a simple accident, so she pulled into a Red Lobster parking lot to get her information. But the woman who rear-ended her got out of the car and attacked her, she said.

“She came running towards the car and she grabbed my hair out of the car window and yanked my head out of the car and began punching my throat and my face and my head,” Kelly said. “I was actually being twisted between both vehicles. She had me pinned between both vehicles. I remember being on the ground, crying. I thought I was dead."

Days later, Kelly is out of the hospital and recovering at home with several injuries.

“My injuries included three fractures on my pelvis and two vertebrae in my back,” Kelly said.

On Monday, Southgate police Chief Brett Selby said the road rage incident is one-of-a-kind.

“If she’s out there and she’s listening to this, her best bet is probably turn herself in, because we’ll find her,” Selby said.

Police said the driver is a white, middle-aged woman. She has brownish-blonde hair and a medium build. Police said she had a little dog with her and was driving a gray Jeep Patriot.

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