Rose Township murder case remains unsolved 2 years after jogger shot in cold blood

Alexandria Brueger fatally shot while jogging

ROSE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Nikki Brueger said July 30, 2016, is the day her life changed forever.

“This is the anniversary, and it’s just a mark of time," she said. "It really hasn’t quelled the anger, the pain, the despair that we feel every day.

She said she still remembers every detail of the day her daughter, Alexandria Brueger, was shot and killed while running.

Local 4 has reported on this story multiple times over the last two years. Brueger said since then, police have received tips here and there, but killer is still unknown.

“All we know is the police from the get go thought it was somebody she knew," Brueger said. "They told us they’re 99 percent sure it’s a man and that the shotgun was used."

There’s not a day that goes by during which Alexandria's parents don’t think or remember their daughter.

“She was very quick witted," Brueger said. "We watched TV together. She was my best friend."

Those same memories are what keep the family going and searching for their daughter’s killer.

“When that time comes for somebody to recognize him, don’t mention him by name," father Franz Brueger said. "People like this don’t deserve to be mentioned by name. Just give him a number."

There is a $13,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

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