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It’s great to see you here! 

I’m Meredith Bruckner, the community news producer of All About Ann Arbor. My goal in this newsletter is to bring you the most interesting, informative and (hopefully) entertaining content from local writers about what’s going on in this town that we love.

A little bit about A4:

We’re based here. Our team is out and about Tree Town on a daily basis capturing moments, having conversations and trying to bring you the best local stories we can find. 

We’re all about two-way communication. We want to hear what matters to you and what you most look forward to year round. Local coverage begins with the people who consume and experience life here each and every day. Whether it’s finding the best workshop for that luminary for FoolMoon or trying to navigate Ann Arbor’s fast real estate market, we are all ears. Email us anytime at allaboutannarbor@wdiv.com.

We like to have a good time. While there is no lack of hot topic issues in town, we also like to stop and appreciate the joy of Summer Fest, sink our teeth into a Chipati and cheer our hearts out at Michigan football games.

Welcome to A4. I’m so glad you’re here!


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