4 businesses scammed by solicitors claiming to collect donations for Detroit Public Library

Small businesses asked for $60 to $100 donations

Here is surveillance video of the suspected Detroit Public Library scammers at Super Giant Liquor Store. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Four small businesses were scammed by solicitors claiming to collect donations for the Detroit Public Library, police said.

The Detroit Public Library has been receiving calls about people soliciting donations between $60 and $100 on behalf of the library.

The businesses were under the impression that the library had sanctioned the solicitors, but that's not the case, library officials said.

Police said four businesses were recently scammed by the solicitors.

"The Detroit Public Library does not go 'door-to-door' asking businesses for money, as we do have a registered 501.c.3. foundation that typically handles our donations," the library said in a statement. "Please do not give any money to anyone asking for donations on behalf of the Detroit Public Library. Please call 313-481-1359 or visit www.dplfound.org for information about donating to the Detroit Public Library."