Search continues for man on bicycle who groped woman sitting on Clinton Township porch

Police say man frequently rides around subdivision on bicycle


CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Police are searching for a man accused of sexually assaulting a Clinton Township senior who was sitting on her porch.

Neighbors said the man police are searching for frequents the subdivision on a bicycle, but since the alleged assault, he hasn't been seen.

Charter Oaks Townhomes is a friendly community where people frequently sit on their stoops. But Lucrezia Solaka and her family are thinking about limiting their time out front after strange encounters with the man.

"I saw him more than once," Solaka said.

Residents said the man is elderly and often takes bike rides through the complex.

"But he would just stop and stare at me," Solaka said.

Last week, Clinton Township police said the man ditched his bicycle and walked up to a 79-year-old woman on her front porch. He started making unwanted sexual advances, and when the woman said no, he groped her before leaving, police said.

"I really just thought he was an old man," Solaka said. "I wasn't frightened of him. I thought his questions were weird."

Now, knowing the man is wanted for the attack, Solaka said she called police to report her incident.

"I thought it was kind of strange, all the questions," Solaka said. "If I was married. If my husband lived here. I hope they catch him because I don't want him around here."

Officials said the man was spotted recently at the Dollar Tree at 16 Mile Road and Groesbeck Highway in Clinton Township. The manager at the store said the man was there Monday night and regularly goes into the store to look at people.

Police want to know if other people have been approached by the man. Anyone with information is asked to call the Clinton Township Police Department at 586-493-7844.

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