These haunting photos from California's deadly Carr Fire will make you feel things

6 people, including 2 firefighters, killed

A deer stands on a road covered with fire retardant as the Carr Fire burns in the area (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images). (Getty Images)

REDDING, Calif. – A deadly wildfire in Northern California continues to burn -- and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

So far, two firefighters and four civilians have died, including a 70-year-old woman and her two young great-grandchildren.

Trees burn in the Carr Fire (Terray Sylvester/Getty Images).

Daniel Bush, 62, was named as one of the victims. His sister told the Redding Record Searchlight that Bush had returned to his mobile home last Tuesday after undergoing quadruple heart bypass surgery.

The Carr Fire came through Bush’s neighborhood on Thursday. Bush wasn’t allowed to drive and couldn’t evacuate without help, and his sister couldn’t reach him because the roads to his home were blocked by sheriff’s deputies, she said.

Firefighters monitor flames above State Highway 299 while battling the blaze (Terray Sylvester/Getty Images).

The fire, which started July 23 in Shasta County, continues burning and has destroyed nearly 1,000 homes. This is happening about 200 miles north of San Francsico.

A view of homes that were destroyed by the Carr Fire (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).

At last check, the Carr Fire had burned more than 176 square miles and was only 30 percent contained. It is believed to be in the top 10 on the list of most destructive fires in the state’s history.

Mark Peterson gives water to goats that he saved from his home that was destroyed the fire (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).

Firefighters have said they’re focusing on saving lives and homes. Fire crews from across the United States are being sent to California to help the firefighters there, many of whom are stretched to their limits as they battle 17 wildfires across the state.

A Redding firefighter looks on as the Carr Fire moves through the area (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).

Some California firefighters have been working nonstop for two weeks.

A Cal Fire firefighter mops up hot spots (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).

More than 27,000 people in and around Redding remain evacuated from their homes.

We'll leave you with a few more photos. Fingers crossed the situation improves over the coming days and weeks.

A bus and a vanity sit in the rubble of a home destroyed by the blaze (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).
A member of the Army National Guard mans a checkpoint entering an evacuated area (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).
Burned trees rest in a field (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).
A “No Trespassing” sign hangs on the gate of a property damaged by the Carr Fire (Terray Sylvester/Getty Images).
Flames from the Carr Fire consume trees near State Highway 299 (Terray Sylvester/Getty Images).
Cal Fire firefighters monitor flames above State Highway 299 (Terray Sylvester/Getty Images).
Forest burns in the Carr Fire (Terray Sylvester/Getty Images).

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