Detroit man sentenced for murder of Marine 'Chef Doug,' human trafficking of teenage girl

Travun Baskerville sentenced to 120-200 years in prison

DETROIT – The man found guilty in the murder of a beloved former Marine, "Chef Doug," and the human trafficking of a teenage girl was sentenced Tuesday in Detroit.

Doug Calhoun was killed last summer, and his body was dumped in a vacant Detroit home blocks from where he lived.

Travun Baskerville listened to Dayna Phillips in court as she read a statement to show how much the murder of Calhoun devastated her family.

"I've been forced to live with the awful imagination of how his life ended so tragically," Phillips said.

Calhoun was murdered in June 2017, but officials said the incident started with a 16-year-old girl Baskerville was trafficking.

She said Baskerville was selling the girl for sex on Backpage and Calhoun was a client. There was an argument over the use of a condom, and Calhoun was shot and killed, according to officials.

His body was thrown in a dumpster inside a vacant home, and the family's search lasted for more than a month.

"For 37 days, this animal -- Baskerville -- knew full-well where he discarded my brother's lifeless body," Phillips said.

Baskerville was sentenced to 120-200 years in prison. Because a jury convicted him, Baskerville can file an appeal in court. Officials said it appears he plans to do so.

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