Massive cleanup operation underway after storms leave mess on Belle Isle

Thunderstorms on Monday leave tree limbs on Belle Isle

BELLE ISLE, Mich. – It only took a couple of minutes for storms to create a mess on Belle Isle, but it's taking a major effort to clean up.

A large group of people went to Belle Isle to fix the damage left by the storms on Monday.

The storms came in fast and hit hard, leaving tree limbs everywhere. Crews were out in full force Wednesday to clean up.

"It got wet outside really fast," Department of Natural Resources district supervisor Michael Terrell said. "We had about 75-100 trees snap, get pulled out of the ground or just damaged to where we have to take them down."

Terrell was on Belle Isle during the storm.

"There were trees flying past. Large limbs just about hit one of the state vehicles," Terrell said. "It was pretty bad."

Workers from all over the state are helping with the cleanup process.

"I've got people from Allegan, Jackson, Mt. Clemens, northern Lower Peninsula, all the way up to, probably, Gaylord," Terrell said.

Crews face the tedious job of getting rid of all the tree parts and debris, but they're determined to get it done.

"They'll be here until it's done," Terrell said.

The goal is to get Belle Isle back in tip-top shape for the weekend. Crews started working Tuesday and will continue through Friday.

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