Is there hope for Nathaniel Abraham to turn his life around?

Abraham in trouble again after being convicted of murder as 11-year-old boy

Nathaniel Abraham (WDIV)
Nathaniel Abraham (WDIV)

PONTIAC, Mich. – The saga of Nathaniel Abraham is raising new questions about rehabilitation for people who spend time in prison.

Abraham was convicted of murder as an 11-year-old boy in 1997. He was released in January 2010, only to be arrested and sent back to prison on drug charges 18 months later.

Then, while in prison on the drug charges, Abraham was convicted of assaulting a guard.

Abraham was released in June, but he's now back in custody on accusations of indecent exposure and assaulting deputies, officials said.

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People are questioning if Abraham will be able to turn his life around. He was in a program that helps thousands of Michigan inmates, but he quit after only one class.

Abraham's case is heartbreaking to Thomas Adams. For 25 years, his Chance For Life Organization has been working with inmates locked up in nine prisons around the state.

"It really is heartbreaking to us," Adams said.

The organization works to help inmates on the inside change their thinking so they can make better decisions under pressure once they're on the outside.

Abraham was part of the program while he was in adult prison, but he dropped out. Adams said the key is having support on the outside that might not include your own family.

Adams said Abraham is still young and there is still hope he can turn his life around.

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