New principal in Southwest Detroit goes door to door to meet families, push enrollment

Kimberly Pritchett shares school's mission with families


DETROIT – A new principal in Southwest Detroit is pounding the pavement ahead of the new school year, going door to door to meet families and push them to enroll.

Kimberly Pritchett is the new principal at Southwest Detroit Community School. She and her team were knocking on doors Monday to share their message.

"We just want to make awareness to the families that we are there to educate," Pritchett said. "We're true to our mission: educate, embrace and empower our students."

Her school is a charter school in Southwest Detroit, but she wants to spread the word outside the community.

"We're out in the community recruiting kids for our school," Pritchett said. "We have a bus stop right here."

The group included teachers and parents who feel strongly about children receiving a quality education.

"Even when my children leave, I feel so much love for the teachers and the school and everything," SDCS parent Maryren Tripp said. "I go, 'I want to be there to still help to make the school better.'"

Monique McPhaul is the mother of a 6-year-old who's considering signing up.

"She needed a place because the school she was going to, that was her last year going there, so she would need a school to go to anyway," McPhaul said.

Pritchett said the message she's selling is easy.

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care," Pritchett said.

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