Wayne County deputy arrested in Auburn Hills on suspicion of driving drunk

Robert Fontana accused of driving drunk, speeding, possessing gun


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – A Wayne County deputy was arrested in Auburn Hills on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, and he didn't go quietly.

The officers who took Robert Fontana, 27, of Lake Orion, into custody said he was drunk, speeding and armed with a gun. They also claim he tried to harm himself and resisted officers on his way to jail.

Auburn Hills police said Fontana was flying down northbound I-75, reaching speeds of 90 mph and almost hitting another vehicle. He was pulled over near M-24, and that's when things spiraled out of control.

"Not only was he driving drunk, but having a gun is completely dangerous," said Pageant B. Atterberry, of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

Police said Fontana told them he was armed with a gun and gave it over, but he became defiant during his arrest early Saturday morning.

On his way to get booked, Fontana was able to outmaneuver his handcuffs, police said.

"Very surprising," Atterberry said. "When I learned, I found he slipped the cuffs under his feet."

Police said Fontana then tried to choke himself with the cuffs. Officers pulled over again and got Fontana out of the squad car.

Officials said Fontana became combative and tried to pull away, even biting a few officers in the arms. They were able to restrain him and strapped him to a gurney, and he was taken to the hospital to get his blood-alcohol level checked.

Fontana is charged with possession of a firearm while intoxicated and three counts of misdemeanor resisting and obstructing arrest.

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