Lawsuit: Michigan's No-Fault auto insurance law is unconstitutional

Mayor Duggan, 8 motorists, file federal lawsuit


DETROIT – Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is taking the fight over Detroit's sky-high auto insurance rates to court, according to a release from the mayor's office.

Duggan filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, seeking to have Michigan's No-Fault auto insurance law declared unconstitutional. The mayor filed the suit along with a group of eight other plaintiffs from Michigan who all struggle with high insurance rates.

Duggan argues that Michigan's No-Fault insurance system discriminates against people with lower income. Michigan law requires drivers to have auto insurance.

This law is causing thousands of people across Michigan to break the law by driving without insurance because they simply can no longer afford it,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “Because the Legislature has not shown the leadership to address the issue, we are asking the court to provide residents the relief they need from these unjustifiably high insurance rates.

View: The complaint is available below.

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