Group of thieves steals tires off of cars in neighborhood on Detroit's west side

Tires stolen from vehicles in Bagley neighborhood


DETROIT – A group of thieves targeted a neighborhood on Detroit's west side, stealing tires off of cars.

The incident happened in the Bagley neighborhood. One neighbor said the thieves used heavy-duty tools to steal tires from multiple vehicles.

Resident Lynn Haliburton said the thieves came in the night.

"It was very unnerving," Haliburton said. "I mean, it was 4:19 in the morning. They were in and out, in less than six minutes."

That’s all it took for the suspects to steal Lynn Haliburton’s tires. She showed Local 4 video from her security camera, which shows at least two people moving from tire to tire, taking them off and then leaving the scene..

“They had a system," Haliburton said. "They had hydraulic jacks. They were able to bring them in, lift the car up quietly and quickly. They used not only my bricks but my neighbor’s gardening bricks to drop the car when they went to take their jacks. They left the lug nuts. They even had the wheel lock key because I have wheel locks on the tires."

Haliburton said her tires weren't the only things stolen. She said her sense of security was taken as well.

"The fact that I was upstairs, window open, it was a nice night," Haliburton said. "I didn’t even hear them. I’m not sure if they’re going to come back, so now you’re taking even more precautions and being even more paranoid that something’s going to happen to your car."

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