Judge says no new sentencing for Larry Nassar

Lawyer for Nassar files appeal


LANSING, Mich. – The lawyer for Larry Nassar filed an appeal after the former sports doctor said he deserves a new sentence because the judge hearing his case was biased against him.

Nassar claims Judge Rosemarie Aquilina used factors in determining his sentence that she shouldn't have used.

"What he's asking for now is continued control, like he had control over those girls," Aquilina said. "He wants to control his sentencing. He wants to reenact whatever decisions he made because of the buyer's remorse, but more than that, he wants somehow to think that the legal system -- after being the most notorious, worst sexual predator in the world -- he wants the court to hold his hand by his prescription, the whole way, right into the jail and into the prison. This court will not do that."

Nassar didn't want Aquilina to make the decision on his resentencing, something the court of appeals smacked down late Monday afternoon.

"This is not Burger King," Aquilina said. "He will not have it his way."

Aquilina told Nassar's appellate lawyers the deal he struck and agreed to is the deal he gets. She said there will be no resentencing.

"He has continued to show a lack of remorse, a lack of any ability to be reformed," Aquilina said. "Society will not be protected if he is ever outside of a prison facility."

Prosecutors said Nassar has buyer's remorse with the plea deal he struck, which doesn't entitle him to a second bite at a sentence.

"I would just hope that accountability continues because us survivors, we are healing, but I think for a lot of us, we aren't close to being fully healed, if we will be," survivor Lindsey Lemke said. "I just think that as long as accountability is still happening, that's only going to help us progress in healing."

Nassar tried the same legal maneuver in federal court, with the same lack of success.

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