All clear given after man fastens suspicious package to front door of Holly Police Department

Police say package appeared to have 2 wires sticking out


HOLLY, Mich. – Officials have given the all clear after a bomb scare at the Holly Police Department.

Police said a man walked up to the front door of the department at 12:28 p.m. Wednesday, fastened a suspicious package to the door and walked away.

The package appeared to have two wires sticking out from it, police said.

When the man peered into the building, he looked at the officers through the glass door, saluted and left, according to officials.

A bomb detection K-9 from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office investigated the package, and the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad also arrived. The package was determined to be comprised of a cellphone and a tablet, police said.

There were no explosive or hazardous materials found in the device, police said.

Holly police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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