Doctor helps Detroit cancer patient who didn't want to lose his home

DETROIT – A man diagnosed with prostate cancer had a difficult choice -- he could have the surgery and risk losing his home or he could opt out of the surgery and potentially lose his life.

When Roosevelt Adams learned he had prostate cancer, the first thing he thought about was his kids. If he died, he wanted his son to inherit his home -- but surgery meant he would fall behind on payments and possibly lose the home.

That's when Dr. Jason Wynberg stepped in.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again," Adams said. "He's not just an excellent doctor, he's an excellent human being."

This bond between the two extends far beyond the doctor-patient relationship. 

"It's a blessing to have patients like Adams," Wynberg said. "It's about more than medicine. It's a human experience."

Wynberg works at Sinai-Grace Hospital and when he diagnosed Adams with cancer, he knew the man needed surgery.

Adams canceled surgery twice -- he was concerned about taking time off and falling behind on payments.

"I gravitated more to saving the house first instead of myself," Adams said. "Because that would help my son out."

"Mr. Adams is a very serious man who takes his responsibilities seriously and at the same time he cares about his wellness," Wynberg said. "I was very impressed that he didn't want to miss any deadlines and not lose his house."

With his blessing, Wynberg called Adams' credit union and asked for an extension.

"I didn't have to say much except the situation," Wynberg said. "And I think she understood immediately that he was an upstanding individual that shouldn't be deprived. It was easy."

Adams was able to take time off to have the surgery and didn't lose his home -- all thanks to a doctor who refused to give up on his patient.

"The only thing you can really say is thank you," Adams said, "Thank you so much."

Adams has been diagnosed cancer free.

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