Rare guitar stolen from man paying last respects to family member at Detroit cemetery

Mike Scarvelis says vehicles broken into at cemetery

DETROIT – A rare guitar was stolen from a man's vehicle while he was saying goodbye to his cousin at a cemetery on the border of Detroit and Redford Township.

Mike Scarvelis said he was at Grand Lawn Cemetery last week to pay his last respects to his cousin.

"We were there maybe 15 minutes," Scarvelis said. "By the time we got back, three (cars) were broken into -- mine and two others."

Scarvelis said he's not upset about the vehicle or the window that were damaged. He's worried about the guitar that was stolen from the backseat.

It was a 1936 Carson J. Robison made by Gibson during the Great Depression. It's worth about $1,800.

Scarvelis is posting and calling anyone and everyone who will listen, trying to get the word out about his guitar.

"I've contacted several pawn shops," Scarvelis said. "(I told them), 'If they show up, just get it. I'll make you whole on it.'"

Scarvelis said he's disturbed that his vehicle was broken into while he was at the cemetery.

"They had to be breaking into the vehicles as we're laying flowers on top of the casket," Scarvelis said.

The Grand Lawn Cemetery is on the border of Redford Township and Detroit, but it's officially in Detroit.

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