Small business owner in Detroit says man stole $40,000 in wigs

Video shows man stealing 40 wigs from Jada Cannady

DETROIT – A small business owner in Detroit took a big hit when a thief broke into her salon and stole thousands of dollars' worth of items.

A man broke into Jada Cannady's business on McNichols and Outer Drive twice last week. The first time, he stumbled around in the dark, used a cellphone for a light and left with nothing.

"It's possible he's been inside of here with one of his girlfriends or sisters," Cannady said. "I see a lot of people day to day."

Two days later, the man returned and used a crowbar to pry the door open. This time, he left with a trash bag full of wigs.

"It takes so much work and effort to put in one wig alone," Cannady said.

She said she watched her entire inventory being walked out the door.

"He probably stole about 40 wigs in under five minutes," Cannady said.

The wigs can sell for up to $1,000 each, Cannady said. It's a hit she said she can't afford.

"With him stealing 40 wigs, that's over $40,000," Cannady said. "I'd tell him to just leave me alone. I'm an honest businesswoman, an honest entrepreneur.

"The security alarm did go off, but it's Detroit. If he's in and out in five minutes, the police won't be here in five minutes."

The shop's first break-in happened in August, but the cameras hadn't been installed.

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