People fleeing Hurricane Florence begin to arrive at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

North Carolina residents concerned for their homes

DETROIT – A quiet day at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport helped make way for people from North Carolina.

Timothy Keane was already coming to Metro Detroit for a wedding but got an earlier flight to escape the hurricane.

"Most people, I think, are leaving at least from the coastal areas," said Keane.

It's the same deal for the Haith family coming in from Raleigh, North Carolina.

"It's pretty hectic right now," said Ross Haith.

People along the coastline are flocking to stores to try and stock up on as many items as they can ahead of the hurricane. Others are evacuating as time is running out.

"People trying to get out, get gas and water. It's just not available. What's going to be is going to be," said Haith.

Two sisters just moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Detroit two months ago.

"We had to come back to Detroit because we didn't want to be in the hurricane," said Patricia Finnie.

The sisters are concerned about what they could see when they get home.

"I think it might flood real bad, and then we lose all our stuff," said Finnie.

They are trying to focus on the positives though.

"I'm happy to be in Michigan with my family," said Asia Randall.

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