Man with AK-47 approaches Detroit parking officer during argument about tickets

No shots were fired

DETROIT – A dangerous incident between a parking enforcement officer and several citizens is under investigation by the city of Detroit and Detroit police.

Allegedly, a citizen brandished an AK-47 during an argument with a parking enforcement officer about parking tickets.

Cellphone video shows the chaos late Tuesday.

In the video, a man carrying an AK-47 can be seen walking towards a Detroit parking enforcement officer. The officer walks right toward the armed man.

There are no "no parking" signs on the corner. However, the owner of a store and a customer told Local 4 that the parking officer pulled up and wrote them both tickets for parking on the curb.

The store owner and customer both said the officer then allegedly announced he was a conceal carry license holder. They said the officer threatened to shoot up the area, and also threatened to return with more people to fight.

The woman who recorded the incident said it was the officer who was being threatened and told the citizens that he was armed.

No shots were fired during the incident. Police were contacted.

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