Detroit shooting suspect drives away with victim; man found dead in vehicle

Suspect first taken into custody

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DETROIT – Normally police detectives have a shooting victim and are working to figure out how they were shot and where the shooting suspect might be. 

In this case, detectives had a suspect but were working to figure out where the victim was. Detroit police spent hours Sunday searching for a man they believed had been shot and possibly dumped. 

For a while all they knew is that they were looking for a brown Honda CRV. The suspected shooter wouldn't tell police anything. 

Detroit police are looking for a brown Honda CRV with the license plate "DUL 3183" in connection with a shooting on Sept. 16, 2018. (WDIV)

A friend said it all started when two men in the Honda pulled up in front of the suspect's home on Prairie Street near Warren Avenue on the city's west side. The suspect was drinking with his friend and they got into an argument with another man. A neighbor said things escalated. 

"He hit me, pushed me and pulled out a gun. I was on the other side of the car, on the passenger's side, and he pulled out a gun and shot at me," said the neighbor, who is not named in this story. 

The friend was not hit but the 59-year-old suspect kept shooting into the vehicle. 

The shooter then took off with his friend in the car -- the same friend he had just shot. But then he returned the home where Detroit police were waiting. The man was still armed and was arrested. He wouldn't say where the vehicle was. 

The Honda eventually was found about a mile away near railroad tracks at Vancouver and Military streets in Detroit. The body of a 69-year-old man was found inside. 

It took a couple of hours to find the vehicle and victim because the suspect would not tell police anything. 

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