Vietnam veteran's tags returned to Metro Detroit family

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DETROIT – A Detroit veteran's dog tags from Vietnam were returned to his family Sunday.

Bill Dekryder purchased about 80 dog tags in Vietnam that were recovered after the war. 

For the last four years, Dekryder, a Marine and Vietnam war veteran, along with his son, Tim, have been on a mission to return the dog tags.

The Dekryders found the family of fallen Marine Corps member Lancaster Brown-Bey and presented them with the dog tags.

Bey died in a demilitarization zone in Vietnam on Oct. 1, 1968.

The Dekryders left the dog tags of Clifton Spiller with veterans from the Montford Point Marine Detachment 158, who are currently looking for Spiller's family. They believe his family might be based in Philadelphia or the greater Delaware Valley metropolitan area. 

Anyone with information regarding Spiller's family is asked to contact Eugene Owens at 313-587-1206.