Clawson officials consider forcing family to give up pet chickens

Gaglio family says ownership of chickens is legal

CLAWSON, Mich. – Clawson officials are considering forcing residents to give up their pet chickens, but one man said his family has been authorized to own them.

"These are pets," Jeff Gaglio said. "They have names, personalities. They come when you call them. My kids have harnesses. They can walk them. My kids raised these chickens from the egg."

Gaglio and his family might soon have to say goodbye to the chickens they've had for several years.

"We have a rat epidemic just like any surrounding city, and for some odd reason, someone is thinking the chickens are the sole cause of it," Gaglio said.

City officials said they received complaints about the chickens.

"Nowhere in city ordinance does it say it's unlawful," Gaglio said.

But City Council members said they're thinking about changing the ordinance, which could force the family to give up the chickens.

Gaglio said that would be devastating for his family.

"They'd be heartbroken, just like anyone would be if they were told they had to get rid of their dog or cat," Gaglio said. "They're part of the family."

The City Council agenda has the issue listed for Tuesday under "discussion on barnyard animals."

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