County commissioner pushes to limit purchase of ammunition in Wayne County

Wayne County Commissioner Reggie Davis introduces bullet bill proposal

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Wayne County's commissioner is making a push to limit the purchase of ammunition in the county.

Commissioner Reggie Davis is pushing for change through a proposal that's being called the "bullet bill."

Davis goes to Woodlawn Cemetery to feel close to his brother and uncle, who were both shot and killed in Detroit.

“Detroit is the Wild Wild West,” Davis said.

That’s why he’s introducing the bullet bill, which has three phases.

The first phase is to require a mental health background check on people who buy ammunition in Wayne County.

The second phase involves taxes.

“We’re talking about putting taxes on the ammunition," Davis said. "That’s a start."

The third phase is that ammunition can only be purchased from authorities.

“I say that you can’t purchase a bullet unless you go to the Detroit Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office or Michigan State Police,” Davis said.

Davis was not alone Tuesday, as two mothers stood by his side. They both lost their sons to gun violence.

"My son was murdered on July 29, 2015," Susan Watson said. "He was shot with an assault riffle, AK, in the back and in his leg."

“We’re not supposed to bury our kids," Bernice Reed said. "Not like that."

Davis said additional county taxes would be imposed on the purchase of ammo. He also said money would go to cover administrative costs, assist victims of gun violence and create educational programs with a focus on conflict resolution.

Davis will present the bill Oct. 4 at the county commissioner meeting.

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