82-year-old man back on his feet after 13th heart procedure in Dearborn

Bob Empson says heart problems run in his family

DEARBORN, Mich. – An 82-year-old man is back on his feet after undergoing his 13th heart procedure in Dearborn.

Bob Empson said he watched his father die at 44 years old, and his mother at 57 years old, from heart disease. He and his brothers are fighting the same disease.

"Well, heart problems are in the family," Empson said. "They would put in stents, and they did some bypasses."

Empson said he just finished his 13th heart procedure, and like the ones in the past, it's got him feeling young again.

"I look forward to cutting grass and shoveling snow, and everybody says, 'You can't do that. You're getting too old,' and I say, 'No, you're only as old as you feel,'" Empson said. "I feel younger than 60, so I must feel 50."

He thanked the doctors at Beaumont Dearborn Hospital for his latest cardiac surgery, which placed two stents and a second valve in his heart.

"If we had the medicine we have today, my father would've lived," Empson said. "My mother would've lived -- 57 years she passed. That's a shame."

Empson said he still has a lot of living to do.

"That's one thing I'm excited about and why I want to live to be 120," Empson said. "Well, I don't want to push it. One step at a time. When I get to 115 I'll probably change it and say 140. I don't want to be greedy."

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