Bird scooters caged; 'Go Blue' at the Emmys; future of food trucks in A2 doomed?

Bird scooters parked on the sidewalk on Church St. on Sept. 17, 2018 (Photo: Meredith Bruckner)
Bird scooters parked on the sidewalk on Church St. on Sept. 17, 2018 (Photo: Meredith Bruckner)

Happy Friday!

Warning: Bird puns ahead.

The saga of the for-rental scooters was taken to a whole new level this past week when the City of Ann Arbor revealed it has been confiscating scooters left on sidewalks that impede pedestrian right-of-way.

The city is now holding around 30 Bird scooters at one of its storage facilities, which some are referring to as the "Bird cage" (I must admit, that's pretty funny). As the city tries to strike a licensing deal, we have yet to hear a chirp from the California-based company.

On another note, it looks like fall will arrive tomorrow. Enjoy the chillier weather this weekend.

- Meredith (meredith_a4)

What's been happening:

The University of Michigan is holding its annual Entrepalooza event today. Titled 'Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success,' this year's event focuses on food entrepreneurship. (Concentrate)

Staying with U-M, lots of changes are happening right now in its Greek system, from a nationwide hard alcohol ban to the disaffiliation of six fraternities. (A4)

One story that had townie social media abuzz this week was the discovery of a proposed zoning ordinance that could have major implications for food trucks operating in town. (Eater)

The Ann Arbor PTO Council will be hosting a "meet and greet" on Sept. 27  at Pioneer with candidates running for seats on the school board. Sarah has the details. (A4)

If you watched the Emmys this past week, you may have said to yourself: "Wait, did he just say 'Go Blue'?!" Yep, that's how U-M's SMTD alumnus Darren Criss ended his acceptance speech and it filled all of us with pride. (Michigan Daily)

Good to know:

Matt has struck again with cuteness for this week's Human Society of Huron Valley's 'Pets of the Week.' Warning: adorable felines ahead. (A4)

Did you know that the Old West Side Homes Tour celebrates its 45th year Sunday? Catch all the fun and see some beautiful homes from noon to 5 p.m. (A4)

Feature interview of the week:

"I think high school, for me, was probably the most formative in terms of music here in Ann Arbor. I think Community High, which is an alternative high school here, provided the kind of atmosphere that encouraged the arts. We didn’t have sports teams; we had bands." 

- Laith Al-Saadi, musician 

Stay tuned next week for another roundup of local news, happenings and insights!

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