Chore apps aimed at helping kids get work done


Paying kids allowance helps them understand concepts like earning money and the value of a dollar, but managing it can all be a chore. 

Use the right app, however can make it easier for everyone.
Allowance & Chores Bot will automatically keep your whole family's allowances and chores in sync. Allowances can be created on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for each child. The allowance graph lets your kids watch their allowance savings grow.  Kids can see what chores need to be done and check them off when completed. The app is $2.99 for iOS and Android. 

The iAllowance app uses a simple and friendly interface that looks like bookshelves and chalkboards. Information is synced with your various devices. Kids get reminders when chores are to be completed. Allowances can be paid with real money or with other options, such as the amount of screen time earned. The app is $2.99 for iOS.

Piggybot helps kids spend, share, and save smart.  Instead of cash, your kids have a virtual balance with you, kind of like an IOU. Each child will have separate accounts. You decide how to allocate their allowance. 
Other features of Piggybot center on money management, helping kids learn how to budget for things they want. The app is free for iOS.