Detroit Police Department to take over city's towing operations

New deal will cost tow truck operators

DETROIT – The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners passed a resolution 7-2 Thursday granting the Detroit Police Department the ability to provide towing services. 

The surprising move is expected to impact tow truck drivers and operators who are major stakeholders in the deal and could lose revenue. 

"This is detrimental to our business and Detroit business owners," said Barry Foster of the Detroit Authorized Towing Association.   

There are currently 22 companies comprised of 200 employees that tow within the city. 

"We were blindsided when we came to this meeting. I had no clue the city was getting involved in the towing business," said Julie Semma, vice president, DTA. 

 Detroit Police Chief James Craig stands by the move. 

"It has been shown to be the best practice. Is it good for the city? Yes, it is," Craig said. 

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