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Hey Everyone,

Welcome to fall … officially.  

That means it’s time to test some fall products. Monday morning I put a new cordless leaf blower to the test. I was surprised to see the results. Watch the review here and see me blowing leaves. It was not one of my better moments.

Below you will see our recall, scam and deal of the week.  Beware because scammers know they have to move quick before winter. Those who prey on people door-to-door will likely step things up in September and October. If you get a knock on the door and you don’t know the person on the other side ... just don’t open the door. If you encounter someone who appears suspicious, call the police.

We want you to be safe.

Thanks everyone! 



Cargill Meat Solutions is issuing a recall of more than 132,000 pounds of ground beef over concerns of E. Coli contamination. 

So far, there’s been 18 confirmed reports of illnesses, one of those people have died. None of those reports are from Michigan. 

If you have the meat in your freezer, throw it out.
                Click here for more information on the recall.
                Click here for a picture of recalled products labels.  


A new report of an investigation alleges Ticketmaster has secret deals with scalpers. 

This got us talking, so we sat down with our local Better Business Bureau. The BBB is warning about other ticket scams. 

To avoid getting fake or repeat tickets, make sure you’re purchasing them from verified ticket websites. 

If you have suspicions that your tickets aren’t legitimate, head to the venue to talk to someone. 
                Click here for advice from the BBB. 


Macy’s is having their VIP sale, but you have to act today. You can get 30% off of clothing and 15% off of beauty products. If you spend $100, you get an extra $10 off your sale. Sale ends Monday, so head out tonight if you want this deal. 
                Click here for Macy’s.com. 


If you or someone you know is dating online, beware of phony profiles and dangerous people. 
            Click here to watch our story. 
One man is alleging he bit into pieces of metal at a popular restaurant chain. 
            Click here to watch how the restaurant is responding. 
Getting annoying texts and calls from an unknown number? 
            Click here to watch a warning about calls coming from Burner Apps. 
A new investigation says Ticketmaster has cut deals with scalpers.
            Click here to learn more about the story. 


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