Nonprofit organization helps hundreds of Metro Detroit women trapped in sex trafficking rings

Hope Against Trafficking helps women forced into trafficking


DETROIT – A nonprofit organization has identified 1,200 women by name who are trapped in sex trafficking rings in the Detroit area, officials said.

The women have been abducted or are being forced into sexual slavery, according to the organization. Work is underway to return women to society.

Women who were rescued were taken to a safe house. The location is being kept quiet to protect them from the people who used them as sex slaves, officials said.

Hope Against Trafficking is a critical waypoint for rescued sex slaves to find their way out. The first house has programs designed to give women rest, comfort, healing and education.

One safe house has been in existence for two years, and a second is opening this weekend.

Click here to visit the Hope Against Trafficking website.

You can watch Paula Tutman's full story in the video posted above.

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