Michigan governor: Statewide road work stoppage has no end in sight

Gov. Snyder says two parties can't reach short or long-term agreement


LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said there is nothing happening in negotiations that would end a statewide road work stoppage any time soon.

UPDATEContractors plan to use non-union operators to restart Michigan road projects

Snyder held a news conference Tuesday after the negotiations aiming to restart critical road projects came to an abrupt stop last week. The Operating Engineers 324 union and the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA) started talking earlier last week, and there was hope that the two organizations would come to an agreement and restart the projects. But that effort has failed in spectacular fashion.

The governor's office has been trying to mediate talks between the two parties and get the work started again before winter hits. Snyder said they were trying to get the two groups to at least reach a short-term deal. 

"We sat down with both parties. The goal was to say could we get a short and long-term solution? Could we get through the construction season first, then get a long term deal? ... We weren't able to get either a short or long-term solution ... There is no activity taking place that's going to get the road work to continue any time soon," Snyder said. 

Snyder is threatening to put National Guard heavy equipment operators behind the wheel to get the construction projects going again. Work has been stopped for weeks on more than 150 road projects across the state. 

The governor said his staff is hoping to meet with the parties again later this week. 

STORY: Michigan road construction work stoppage to continue as negotiations break down

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