Detroit mother fights against illegal dumpers on Beaconsfield Street

Sheila Ramsey cleans up vacant lots on Detroit's east side


DETROIT – A Detroit mother is on a mission to fight illegal dumping on Beaconsfield Street on the city's east side.

Sheila Ramsey battles illegal dumpers with a dust mask on and a fire in her soul.

"They are throwing all their trash back here and it is ridiculous," Ramsey said.

Trash piled up behind one vacant house, and even more was dumped in front of another.

"There is a bedroom set under here," Ramsey said. "Baby car seat, speakers, drywall."

Ramsey pays people to mow the vacant lots in the summer.

"I have been paying out of my pocket," she said.

Now, she's providing pizza for her nephews who are helping clear the dump sites.

Ramsey said she had a run-in with two men dumping on her street over the weekend.

"I was like, 'What are you doing? I pay people to clean up,'" Ramsey said. "They had on hoodies and this is what they left."

Ramsey said residents on Beaconsfield Street need help.

"Even though this is what they call the hood, it's not," Ramsey said. "People live here. They go to work every day. I need help. I am just one person."

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