Northville Township homeowner fights off home invader

Invader got in through unlocked garage door

NORTHVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – An intruder got into a home in Northville Township through an unlocked garage door and confronted the homeowner.

The homes in the area are a prime target for thieves. Police advise homeowners to lock their doors to make it harder for thieves.

While the intruder was in the home, the homeowners called 911 twice and hung up both times. Officers were on their way when someone managed to get through to 911 on a third attempt.

"All the police officers were responding to check that they got an initial 911 call saying that a homeowner had been the victim of a home invasion and the bad guy was inside his house. So we responded over there and set up a perimeter in contact with the homeowner," leutenant Mike Burrough with the Northville Township police said.

The homeowner and thief ended up fighting with each other and the intruder sprayed the homeowner with an unknown substance. The homeowner is OK.

The intruder fled the scene before police arrived. Police set up a perimeter around the house and checked on the elementary school around the corner.

Police are asking neighbors with video surveillance cameras to check their feeds to see if they recorded anything suspicious. 

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