School investigating after Hazel Park students complain about moldy food

School, food vendor will investigate

HAZEL PARK, Mich. – Hazel Park High School students are frustrated after some shared photos of mold in the food at the school.

"People need to start looking at expiration dates. People need to start checking the food itself. You can clearly tell there's mold on here," Hazel Park senior Sabrina Johnson said.

Hazel Park superintendent Dr. Amy Kruppe is also disgusted by the photos of moldy food.

She said a full investigation is underway. She brought chicken from the lunch room to feed the school board so they could all get a look at the food.

She said the photo of moldy marinara is from last year and that it was shipped with mold in it. She also said the moldy muffins are within the freshness date.

The food is federally funded from a vendor called Chartwells. It is cooked off-site and reheated at the school. Chartwells is flying in officials from New York to do a full inspection.

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