Detroit making change to 'no lights, no sirens' policy

Firefighters believe new policy puts residents in danger

DETROIT – Detroit firefighters believe a new policy change in how fire and emergency calls are dispatched puts lives in danger.

During a Wednesday morning meeting with city officials, leaders of the Detroit Fire Fighters Association demanded the "no lights, no sirens" policy be dropped.

As part of the new policy, a Code 1 emergency is issued when the Fire Department knows for sure that lives are in immediate danger. Firefighters and emergency medical technicians head to those scenes with lights on and sirens blaring.

A Code 2 emergency is issued when the situation is not life-threatening and, under the new response policy, lights and sirens are not to be used. Firefighters said this classification is putting lives in danger.

Now the city is making changes to the policy. They're not eliminating the Code 1 and Code 2 categories but every fire alarm is now classified as an emergency and trucks will respond with every light and siren blaring.

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