Westland sergeant, 2 paramedics charged after man dies in police custody

William Marshall dies of cocaine toxicity in cell

WESTLAND, Mich. – A Westland police sergeant has been fired after an inmate died while in custody.

Sgt. Ronald Buckley and two paramedics are facing charges in the case.

Ronald Buckley (WDIV)
Ronald Buckley (WDIV)

Prosecutors said William Marshall died of cocaine toxicity when Buckley, Leah Maynard and Matthew Dicosola wouldn't help him, even after he went into convulsions.

Marshall's family members were in the courtroom Thursday as Buckley, Maynard and Dicosola were charged in their loved one's death. They said they have mixed feelings about the day's developments.

Leah Maynard (WDIV)
Leah Maynard (WDIV)
Matthew Dicosola (WDIV)
Matthew Dicosola (WDIV)

"It's very hurtful," Marshall's brother, Demond Marshall, said. "It's so hard to even talk about."

William Marshall was taken into Westland police custody 10 months ago and started convulsing in his cell, officials said.

"He's screaming for help," Demond Marshall said. "He's screaming. He needs help. He knows he needs help bad."

But prosecutors said nothing was done to help the man.

"Y'all don't help him," Demond Marshall said. "You leave him there to die. It's very unfair."

"To finally just put a face with the abuse that I know my fiance took, it was -- it was hard," said Kaliece Simms, William Marshall's fiance.

Allen Turner said he believes there's a reason his brother's calls for help were ignored.

"Oh, he was a drug dealer," Turner said. "He was this, so they felt like his life didn't matter. So that's what happened. That's exactly what happened."

Family members remember William Marshall as a loving man and a father to four children.

"He was bright," Turner said. "He had a lot of talent, and he passed it on to his kids, to me, his brother."

Family members said they hope the charges against Buckley, Maynard and Dicosola will stick and get justice for William Marshall.

"Ya'll took a beautiful person away," Demond Marshall said. "We will never get that back. This is a moment we'll never get back, and you can't pay me enough to get my brother back."

Buckley was fired from the Westland Police Department, officials announced Thursday.

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