Michigan police asking victims of suspected child rapist to come forward

James Carlton Reilly previously convicted, faces new charges

WARREN, Mich. – Neighbors are shocked after the arrest of James Carlton Reilly. 

Reilly is accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl inside his rural home in Columbus Township, across from a county park. He used to live in Warren, and authorities are concerned about his past there.

ORIGINAL STORY: Police seek more victims of suspected child rapist in Michigan

"I'm thinking, 'This can't be real.' That was my first reaction," said neighbor Thomas Obee.

Neighbors were stunned to learn a convicted pedophile was accused of assaulting another child in their community.

"How people can be that immoral to even think that way?" Obee asked. "It's not mental illness. My word -- it's plain evil."

Reilly was convicted in 1989 for a crime similar to the one he's now accused of. The victim then was under the age of 13. Now, nearly 20 years after being released from prison, Reilly is accused of committing the same crime.

"Some of these people are not reformable, apparently," Obee said.

Reilly is accused of sexual assault, kidnapping, using computers to commit a crime and distributing obscene material to children. He was arraigned on Wednesday and has remained behind bars in St. Clair County after the judge denied bond.

Detectives are concerned that there may be more victims. Before moving to Columbus Township, Reilly lived in the city of Warren. 

Police are urging anyone with information to come forward. 

"It is horrendously sad. It's terrible," Obee said. "I am a man of faith and I will pray regularly, and for her especially." 

Detectives are asking that anyone who may have been sexually assaulted in the past by Reilly contact the Sheriff's Office at 810-987-1738.

Reilly is expected to return to court Wednesday. 

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