Belleville water service shut down for several hours after water main break

BELLEVILLE, Mich. – A massive water main break Sunday morning led to a citywide shutoff for several hours in Belleville.

ORIGINAL STORY: Belleville water service restored, still under boil water alert

The break was located on Huron River Drive near Madelon Street. Water service has since been restored.

The water service being turned off affected homes and businesses across the city. Multiple restaurants had to close early.

"We had people who came in at 5 p.m., and we couldn't pick up the table," said waitress Rebecca Reynolds. "We all depend on this. It's our job."

The bar was still open for business, but the restaurant was closed. 

"People that work here had to leave to go buy bottled water for their homes just in case they thought it was going to be a frenzy," Reynolds said.

"I was just at home, and everything was fine. Came to work and nothing. Went to turn the water on, slight drizzle," said Crystal Ross. "Turned it on even more, and then my manager told me we have a water main break."

Ross left to go buy bottled water. She said she's fully stocked, purchasing two 24-packs of water.

As families prepared to deal with the water main break, repairs on East Huron River Drive began around 2:30 p.m. Two hours later, the water was shut off, affecting the 2,500 people across Belleville. 

Once the water main was repaired, officials issued a boil water alert.

Ross is worried about her 2-month-old niece, Mariah.

"Make sure the water is boiled, use bottled water for her formulas," Ross said. "I hope that it's over soon."

Officials said the boil water alert will remain in effect until at least Monday morning. 

For more information, visit Belleville's official website here.

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