Great Dane killed in Pontiac home invasion, police search for suspects

Suspect appeared scared of dog and shot it


PONTIAC, Mich. – Pontiac police are searching for three unidentified men who broke into a home in the 300 block of West Yale Avenue around 10 p.m. Monday wearing masks and armed with guns.  

According to the homeowner, one of the suspects was scared of the Great Dane in the home and asked, "Where’s it at?"

Two of the suspects stayed in the front room of the home while the third went down the hall to the victim's bedroom.  

The suspect who appeared to have been scared by the dog then shot the animal one time.  

The two suspects in the front room fled the residence using the front door.  

The third suspect pushed out the air conditioning unit in the victim's bedroom and fled the residence by climbing out of the window.  

The homeowner was not injured.  The Great Dane was transported to a 24 hour emergency veterinary clinic where he was later euthanized due to his injuries.

The suspects have been described as three black men.    

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