New study shows parents get about a half hour of 'me time' every day

How much do you get?


According to a new study from Munchery, parents only receive 32 minutes to themselves each day.

The study analyzed the lives of 2,000 moms and dads and found the average parent has a little more than a half hour of free time every day. But to get there, the parents have to go through work and parental obligations first. 

The typical parent said they hide from their children four times per week just so they can get a little bit of time to relax, and that is due to 32 percent of parents "working" until at least 8 p.m. when factoring in their workplace and parental duties.

That is also due to the fact parents spend 18 hours per week on average directly taking care of their kids. Another 24 percent of parents spend more than 30 hours each week taking care of the kids, along with other obligations.

And because of the lack of free time, the eating habits for parents are also lacking. A whopping 88 percent of parents admitted they are too busy to cook, and another 96 percent said not having enough time leads to them eating less healthy food.

On average, parents skip 227 proper meals each year, and 54 percent of parents say they mainly order out because of how busy their lives are, thus spending $4,524 every year on takeout food.