Wrongfully imprisoned man files $75 million lawsuit against City of Detroit, detective

Aaron Salter spend 15-years behind bars for a murder he didn't commit

Aaron Salter became a free man on Aug. 15. 

"Being in prison was hard for me, extremely hard for me. I'm still getting over it right now," said Salter.   

Salter spent 15 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit. The case dates back to 2003. 

Willie "Taboo" Thomas was murdered on Aug. 6 that year. On Dec. 2, 2003, Salter, then 21, was convicted in the murder.

On Tuesday he filed a $75-million lawsuit against Detroit police detective Donald Olsen and the City of Detroit. 

"We're here to hold the officer and the City of Detroit accountable," said Wolf Mueller, Salter's attorney.    

"What you had was police officers taking shortcuts, abusing people's civil rights all in order to get a case closed," said Mueller.  

Salter is turning a negative situation into a  positive one. He just started his own company called Innocent Maintain.  

"It helps guys that are innocent like me not going through coming home not having a house, not having the basic necessities because we already fought to get free, why should we fight for jobs and everything else, that's not right," said Salter. 

He's also going to schools to talk to kids. 

"I'm active with the kids also because I  think it's the best place to save them right now," said Salter.   

"I'm just grateful that I got it over with and I'm able to see everybody and everybody gets to see me come back. I get to be the success story finally."     




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