WCCCD hazmat emergency training


A vibrant community is one that not only thrives with successful businesses and safe neighborhoods, but also is prepared to respond to emergencies to protect the people in the area. Our friends at Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) are making a difference in our own community by training people from the D and around the country to learn the latest techniques. 

WCCCD offers several specialty areas. One of them is a public safety training program that focuses on Homeland Security, EMS training, fire training and criminal justice. It even has specialized simulators for accidents involving aircraft, ships, vehicles, burn rooms and burn pads that allow students to coordinate with the agencies and Homeland Security to do specialized training for disasters and emergency preparedness. 

The Rev. V. Lonnie Peek Jr. brought us this story and joined us in the studio to tell us why people come from all around the country to train at this facility. Peek says it's because they are very good at what they do. This college is making a difference in people's lives because it's giving people an opportunity to train for careers that are in high demand. There are six different campuses located around the county.

If you know of a person or organization making a difference in our community, you can email Peek at VLonniePeek@Gmail.com.