Neighbors: Health hazard growing from camp in Detroit

People fear children will pick up discarded needles


DETROIT – Neighbors living near 8 Mile Road and Woodward Avenue on the Ferndale-Detroit border said a homeless camp at the intersection has exploded in population and with that comes increasing public health problems.

Dozens of dirty needles have been found at the Gateway Shopping Center and behind homes in the Greenacres neighborhood.

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Since Wednesday's report some steps have been taken to handle the issue. An electrical outlet that people on the streets were using to charge their phones has been removed because some were sitting there and doing drugs. Some shrubbery in the area has also been trimmed back to give less cover for those who are doing drugs.

William has been living in the area for years and he's upset.

"For eight years I clean up behind myself," William.

Michael Dallen planted trees in the area years ago and he never expected this.

"That these would turn into a public laboratory," he said. "They are enormously dirty. It's a problem,."

Detroit and Ferndale are trying to find solutions, but the problems are only getting worse. Heroin addiction has changed the intersection.

"We are trying to survive," Dale, living on the street, said. "Maybe we should keep it cleaner around here. I don't know."

Dale said he doesn't use the heroin, but one of his friends does.

The city of Detroit and Ferndale said they're working on the problem and plan to meet in early November.

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