Macomb County Sheriff puts blame on health contractor in jail doctor's sexual misconduct

One inmate says she performed sex act on doctor for candy, tobacco

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – A doctor at the Macomb County Jail is accused of sexual misconduct with three female inmates. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Macomb County Sheriff: Jail doctor performed sexual misconduct with 3 female inmates

The Macomb County Jail is no stranger to controversy. There have been 12 deaths since 2012 -- including the death of David Stojefski. Stojefski was arrested on a traffic violation and lost 45 pounds in less than a month. He died convulsing on the floor of the high observation unit, watched by staffers around the clock. No one came to his aid. 

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In the past six years, there have been six suicides and one murder. Jessica Preston was in jail for driving on a suspended license. She was eight months pregnant and begged to go to the hospital multiple times. Her son was born on the floor of a jail cell. 

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Macomb County Sheriff Athony Wickersham held a press conference Friday on a new scandal -- a doctor charged with sexually assaulting female inmates.

The doctor, 53-year-old Steven Cogswell, is now in the jail as an inmate. He is waiting to be arraigned.

NEW: Macomb County Jail doctor arraigned on sexual misconduct charges

His alleged victims are a 31-year-old woman from Sterling heights, a 29-year-old woman from Roseville and a 27-year-old from Port Huron. All three claim to have been touched inappropriately in an exam room. 

Wickersham said when they heard the allegations, they confiscated the doctor's phone and found video evidence supporting the allegations. Cogswell was fired.

Similar to the deaths, Wickersham put the blame on Correct Care Solutions -- a private company paid by the county to take care of inmates' medical issues. He said it's the company's call to send patients to the hospital if their life is in danger. Cogswell was its hire.

Wickersham said he isn't happy, but the public employees are doing their best.