Selling cookies in marijuana line? Enterprising 9-year-old girl did just that

Girl made $120 selling girl scout cookies to those waiting to buy marijuana

Photo courtesy of Seann Childs
Photo courtesy of Seann Childs

EDMONTON, Alberta – People came for the marijuana, but thanks to an ambitious 9-year-old and her father, they got a nice treat in addition.

After recreational marijuana became legal in Canada on Wednesday, long lines were common outside stores as people lined up to buy cannabis. 

In Edmonton, 9-year-old Elina Childs took advantage and pocketed a nice wad of cash selling something else. 

A member of the Girl Guides, Canada’s version of the Girl Scouts, Childs and her father, Seann, showed up with a wagon full of cookies to sell to those waiting in line to buy marijuana.

Seann Childs said Elina Childs sold 30 boxes of cookies in less than 45 minutes, making $120.

"I knew it would be a big crowd, but it was bigger than I thought it would be," Seann Childs said in a email. "But everyone was really nice and polite to her."

Seann Childs said that he got the idea after hearing stories how Girl Scouts in California and Colorado sold cookies to people waiting in line for marijuana when it became legal in that state.

According to an article on cbc.ca, Elina Childs has cystic fibrosis and can’t be around people who are smoking, but Seann Childs said it was a good educational opportunity for Elina to learn more about marijuana.

It also happened to net her a lot of money. 

Nationwide, the first day of legalized marijuana was a hit with many people in Canada, which became the first industrialized nation to legalize marijuana.  

In fact, it went too well for those supporting the initiative to make marijuana legal.

Lines stretched for blocks outside stores, many of which ran out of cannabis by the afternoon. 

"I'm a little shocked that I sold out so fast, and also very upset that I don't have product for everybody,” Thomas Clarke, who runs THC Distribution in Portugal Cove-St Philip’s, said to the CBC. “I'm letting down a lot of people here and I was assured that if I paid for the cannabis, I would receive it."

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